Time Tracker App for Freelancers

Are you a freelancer looking for a tool to track the time you spend on your clients and projects?

TimeLord is here to help you manage your freelance life and make it easy to track your billable hours without breaking your workflow.

Time Tracker App for Freelancers

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From the developer featured by:
I’ve tried several time tracking apps, but this one is the fastest and easiest for switching projects on the fly, and adjusting after the fact. I love the color coding and the snap-to-time feature which makes corrections much faster and easier.

– Graphic Designer

Hours TimeLord Features

TimeLord is the perfect time tracker app for freelancers. It not only allows you to track your time but also offers detailed reports of your freelance work.

One Tap Time Tracking

Track your time in one tap when doing client work. No more fiddling with timers or time sheets. Stay in the flow without disrupting your work and bill accurately.

Colors, Notes, Tags

Organize how you work with colors and tags. Add notes to your time entries to help you remember what you did when and for whom. Your work is creative, why shouldn’t your time tracker be? It’s about time you personalize your time tracking.


Bill better with customizable reporting that uses the power of tags. You can generate and export detailed reports that help you bill accurately and quantify the quality you bring to your clients.

Optimize With Insights

Leverage the power of the timeline/ring graph to spot patterns in your work/life balance. See your day, analyze how much you spend on certain projects, and become more efficient. Take action from insights to optimize your workflow.

Your time... Spent more efficiently

Here’s how Hours TimeLord integrates into your workflow without disrupting it.

Time is money.

Let us help you start keeping track of yours.

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