Time Tracking Software for Consultants

Do you work with different consulting clients and need an easy way to keep track of your time?

TimeLord is a time tracking software that is designed specifically for consultants. It can help you easily track your time and bill with accuracy without stress over timesheets.

Time Tracking Software for Lawyers

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From the developer featured by:
I’ve tried several time tracking apps, but this one is the fastest and easiest for switching projects on the fly, and adjusting after the fact. I love the color coding and the snap-to-time feature which makes corrections much faster and easier.

– Graphic Designer

Hours TimeLord Features

TimeLord is made for consultants who need a more efficient way to track their time and billable hours. Our tool is virtually effortless to use, which means you can focus on your consulting work and not worry about the administrative task of tracking your time.


With our detailed reports, you can quickly see how much time you have spent on each client and project. This makes billing a breeze and ensures you are calculating your hours correctly.


Our timers and tags are designed specifically for consultants. You can use them to track time by client, project, or service time. This will help you to keep your work organized and streamlined.


Your time is valuable, so we have created custom reminders to help you remember to start, stop, and switch timers. This way, you will never miss any billable time, and your clients will always be up-to-date on what you have accomplished.


Keep your clients informed with detailed notes that explain the work you have done for them. This can help them to understand the value of the services you provide. Giving you the peace of mind that you are being compensated fairly for your work.

Your time... Spent more efficiently

Here’s how Hours TimeLord integrates into your workflow without disrupting it.

Time is money.

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