Time Tracking Software for Remote Employees

Do you work for a remote team and want to improve your productivity?

TimeLord is the time tracking app designed to integrate into your workflow without disrupting it, making tracking and reporting your time the easiest part of your day.

Time Tracking Software for Remote Employees

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From the developer featured by:
I’ve tried several time tracking apps, but this one is the fastest and easiest for switching projects on the fly, and adjusting after the fact. I love the color coding and the snap-to-time feature which makes corrections much faster and easier.

– Graphic Designer

Hours TimeLord Features

TimeLord offers the perfect time tracking software for remote employees looking for a tool to make sure they bill their hours and get better insights on how they spend their time.

One Tap Tracking

Track your time in one tap when doing client work or internal tasks. You no longer have to fumble with timers during live chats and standups. Giving you more time to focus on your work.

Timeline/Ring Graph

Optimize your day with insights from the timeline and the ring graph. Visualize your day, week or month and spot patterns in your remote work to quickly see what’s taking up most of your time and where you can be more efficient.


Spend more time doing meaningful work instead of accounting for it with the help of customizable/exportable reports that give you a clear overview of your time. No more juggling with multiple apps and excel sheets.


Leverage the power of note-taking to capture the details of your day and give your time more context. Take notes that matter to you and your boss with TimeLord’s customizable note field available at the entry level.

Your time... Spent more efficiently

Here’s how Hours TimeLord integrates into your workflow without disrupting it.

Time is money.

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