The Best Time Tracking Apps In 2022

The Best Time Tracking Apps of 2022

You’re familiar with time tracking. From time sheets to punching in and out at work, you’ve done it before. Now, you’re surrounded by time tracking applications that promise to help you become more productive. 

With the market saturated with options, it’s hard to sift through the fluff and find the features that are really important. Keep reading to learn more about the best time tracking apps of 2022, their features and uses, and how time tracking apps can help you.



Clockify is a free, open-source time tracking app for individuals and teams. It’s a great, free way to track productivity and find room to increase efficiency. 


Clockify works with Google, Firefox, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, and syncs across devices. If you use it offline, it syncs once you reconnect. It can be easily integrated into over eighty web apps, including Asana and Outlook.

Clockify produces easy-to-read reports for individuals and teams. Features like the Pomodoro timer encourage productivity.

It’s free to use and open-source, so you can review the coding and contribute to development!



While Clockify has a lot going for it, it isn’t perfect.

There’s a delay in starting tasks in online mode. The delay can cause users to accidentally create the same timer more than once. Syncing gets glitchy too, resulting in even more unwanted timers and skewed timelines.

There are ways to make manual changes, but once they’re made, they’re permanent. If you make manual changes you can’t update them or undo the changes at all.

The mobile interface isn’t as well developed as the web and desktop versions. Clockify’s app is also missing key features, like the Pomodoro timer.



If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement and integrated time tracking app, consider Toggl! Toggl is useful for everyone from solopreneurs to large teams. 



Four different plans offer a variety of features, from the basics like time tracking and app integrations to advanced offerings like project forecasts and centralized controls.

Toggle has web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps integration which sync across apps and devices.



Customizable options are only available in the most expensive plan. Certain integrations and basic time tracking features are also only available with more expensive plans.


Hours TimeLord



Hours TimeLord is developed by the same team that owns Hours Time Tracking. It’s 

available in the App and Google Play stores as well as on web. TimeLord is the culmination of years of feedback from time trackers fused into a new user interface that takes the best of Hours Time Tracking and makes it even better. From all new invoicing features, billable rates, forecasting for teams, and lightning fast sync, TimeLord is the newest time tracker on the market with updates coming out every few weeks. 



The main con of Hours TimeLord is that it’s brand new. While there may be some bugs encountered along the way that wouldn’t be as prevalent for a more mature software, the TimeLord team is extremely responsive and actively addressing user feedback. 


What Is Time Tracking?

Time tracking is about recording what is being done and for how long. Companies use it to track efficiency and billing, while individuals use it to help with procrastination.

Time tracking apps like TimeLord make it easier for people to see where their time is going, make better use of their time, and simplify their lives.


How To Choose the Best Time Tracker App

The first thing you need to do when you’re choosing a time tracking app is to seriously consider your needs.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m very visual when it comes to organizing and understanding information, but I’m also incredibly distractible. My spreadsheets are very colorful but deceptively simple, and that’s how I need my time tracker to be, too.

Ask yourself some questions. What are you hoping it will do for you? What perks would be nice, but not necessary? What are you willing to spend to meet your needs?

As you research your options and their features, the answers to those questions will help you orient yourself. 


How Much Do Time Tracking Apps Cost?

Time tracking apps and their plans can vary widely in cost, but most have a free plan with basic features. After that, each plan builds on the last with new features and options, and potentially additional users. Paid plans can start as low as $9.99 a year (like TimeLord) or as high as $108 a year (like Toggl). Some apps have customizable options for large businesses. 


What Are the Most Important Features of a Time Tracking App? 

The best time tracking app and the most important features depend on your needs. If you’re running a business, being able to manage multiple teams in one account might be integral. On the other hand, if you’re a budding startup, lower fees and the ability to invoice might be what you need most. 

However, there are some key features for anyone looking for a time tracker.


Simple UI

An easy-to-use interface will save time and make your new app easy to implement. No matter how many people are using it, a time tracking app should be simple. Look for clean, straightforward interfaces like TimeLord to easily integrate your new time tracking app.


Organizational Tools

Your organizational tools are going to help you with project and task management. Like other features, organizational tools can vary widely and will need to work for you. Are you a visual thinker who needs the unlimited tags and color options TimeLord has to offer? Do you need to be able to track dozens of tasks for a few projects, like you can in Clockify?

Consider what organizational tools you need your time tracker app to provide.


Why Is Reporting Important In a Time Tracker App?

Tracking your time is great, but if it doesn’t create a report with some level of detail, you could replace it with a stopwatch.

Whether you’re using your time tracker to get more out of your day or you’re tracking work hours, a report will let you make more of your time tracking with less effort. Consider what you need for reporting when you decide which is the best time tracking app for you.


Why Is Customization Important in a Time Tracking App? 

Everyone has unique needs, even if they’re working the same job. Being able to customize interfaces and color palettes can make a time tracking app easier and more pleasant to use. Removing the limits on how people can organize lets them create the system that they need to thrive. 


TimeLord – The Best Time Tracker App of 2022

If you want great, easy-to-use features and lower costs, TimeLord is just what you’ve been looking for. This time tracker has a range of plans meant for individuals, from our Forever Free Plan to the Pro plan. The standout feature is our high levels of customization, which start at just $9.99 a year on the Personal plan.

Whether you’re a time tracking novice or an expert, you’ll appreciate TimeLord’s simple and straightforward time tracking and easy-to-navigate interface. Download TimeLord today to get started.

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