Using Team Management Tools for Effective Workflows

effective team management in action

Working with a team comes with many benefits to an organization, but it isn’t always easy. Being in a leadership role means you are accountable for not just managing employees and performance but also fostering their development and recognizing their achievements. All of that responsibility can be intimidating, but with the right tools, being a leader can be far less challenging and stressful. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to use effective team management tools to be a more effective and efficient leader. 


What Is the Importance of Team Management?


Effective team management is essential for every organization to be successful. By definition, team management is the organizing and coordinating of a group of individuals with a shared objective in completing a task or project. Through team management, you can mitigate risk, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. 


Without effective team management, your operations can become chaotic and disorganized. Team management can help maintain employee engagement but also improve productivity and reduce costs, ultimately contributing to business growth. 


What Does Effective Team Management Look Like?


So what does it mean to put effective team management into practice? Both the team and the leaders play an equally important role in making team management work. In order to drive the desired outcomes of your team, you’ll need to lead by example. Yes, there are tasks around setting deadlines and coordinating deliverables, but you will also need to offer guidance and direction. 

Engaging your team is part of the process, and it is important to strengthen bonds with team-building activities and opportunities to learn about and from each other. Understanding your team’s strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and abilities will help you get the most out of them while keeping true to your mission as a business. And remember that effective team management involves strong, two-way communication.


Effective Team Management Strategies


Strategies can vary greatly depending upon the team. If you are part of a small startup group, then your team management strategies will vary from someone managing dozens of people on a large, corporate team. In both of these examples, the tasks and goals will greatly differ, but there are some fundamental team management strategies that work for both cases.

Ensure that members of your team have gone through the necessary training steps and utilize team-building exercises when you take over a team or you have new members. Helping people be comfortable on a team is essential to its success. It is also important to create a team culture with strong communication to keep members informed and engaged. Engagement is also boosted when you take the time to recognize the hard work and achievements of team members who go above and beyond.

Be inclusive with your team members and encourage them to speak their mind and thoughts. This will guarantee that they don’t feel like a number but a valued member of an organization whose presence makes a difference. Effective team management is largely built on positive morale. 


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Team Management Skill Set


Team management skills aren’t always innate, but they are something that you can work on. Here are five easy ways you can improve your team management skills.


Build Long-Lasting Relationships


We can’t stress enough that building bonds is so important for the long-term success of any team. Understand the types of people on your team so that you can bring out their best while working through any weaknesses, and always encourage collaboration. 


Encourage Team Unity


Relationships are nothing without building a sense of unity and cohesion. It is essential your team builds camaraderie amongst themselves as well. Coworkers who get along well perform better and make your job easier.


Use a Team Management Tool


Team management tools are software programs designed to streamline collaboration and communication. These tools help teams share work, communicate in real time, and track task progress to meet deadlines. There are many options to choose from and range from single-focus programs to all-in-one solutions that manage all aspects of your operations.


Understand How to Keep Good Employees


Employees are the backbone for any business and should be treated as such. If they feel marginalized or underpaid, they will take their time and energy to greener pastures. Recruiting new employees is much more expensive and time consuming than retaining those you already have. Make an effort to keep your team happy and let them know they are valued. 


Admitting Mistakes and Learning From Others


Nobody likes a condescending leader who won’t admit to their flaws. Making mistakes is a part of human nature, but also an opportunity for growth. Admitting when you’re wrong and keeping an open mind about feedback will help you be approachable and respectable in the eyes of your team. Lead by example, be honest, and your team will give you the same in return. 


TimeLord for Team Management

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